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Mongolian black

Recommended Usage: Countertops, Monuments, Interior, Exterior
Additional Names: Neimang Black,Ebony Black Mongolia,G 133,Menggu Black,i,Mongo Basalt,Mongolia Black,Mongolian Black,Nero Mongolia,Super Mongolia Black,Nei-meng-ku Black

Water Absorption:0.29 %
Compressive Strength: 153.8 MPa
Density:2640 kg/m3
Flexural Strength: 15.4 MPa


Mongolian black granite floor and wall tiles are very popular laid as a bathroom tiles or a kitchen tile.Many of our clients use granite tiles as a wall tile contrasting against granite worktops creating a interior design masterpiece.

We offer Mongolian Black Granite tiles/slabs/countertops , dark colored, fine-grained extrusive rock, which is best suitable for kitchen and bathroom counter tops etc. These absolute black granite tiles/slabs/blocks available in various  surface ( polished, flamed ,honed, bush hammered etc) finishes and in tiles, slabs, blocks, prefabricated counter tops etc., as required.

Mongolian black

Granite Tiles: they can be used at many different parts of a home (living room , kitchen flooring and slabs,stair steps,bathroom wall covering, patio, and so on) as well as an office (meeting room flooring/walls). With Mongolian black granite Co., you are sure to get the best quality material at the best rates, as we bring to you the tiles without the middleman, sourcing directly from the quarry. Just take your pick from the variants available, and we will make sure you don't have any trouble for many years to come.

Some benefits of using Mongolian Black granite include:

1.) It gives any room a more distinctive appearance when used as tiling.

2.) It is very difficult to scratch or stain.

3) Cleaning and maintenance is very simple.

4.) It’s one of those rare materials that combine strength and durability with exquisite beauty.

5) Granite lasts for an incredibly long time. The oldest mountain ranges on the earth are granitic and have withstood the forces of erosion for millions of years.

6.) Countertops made from this material always have a tidy appearance because water droplets readily blend in with its specked surface.

Recommended Usage:

Mongolian black Granite tiles

Finish: Polished, Flamed, Honed, Bush hammered, Sand-blasted, antiqued etc
Packing: tiles by carton then to wooden crate, cut to size by crate, slabs by wooden bundle labs. we have accumulated rich experience in stone industry.

Mongolian black granite slabs

Random slabs
Gang saw slabs 2400mm up x 1400 mm up
Slabs as above are very suitable for cutting into flooring tiles, wall tiles ,wall cladding , kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops , monuments.
Super thin granite slabs , 8~9 mm thicknes .  
Mongolian black countertops
and worktops

We fabricate worktops for fitted kitchens, countertops, floors and tiles for bathrooms etc.
We selling granite worktops including vanity tops specialize for kithchen and bathroom using .  We sell granite worktops , counter tops , vanity tops to building contractors, kitchen stores, interior decorators and designers, as well as other businesses and fabricators of granite and marble.
We consistently strive to give our customers top level of excellence and quality in the countertop construction industry.
We also can fabricate countertops by super thin slabs in 9 mm thickness and make sink cutout well .
Different Finish of Mongolian Black granite

bush hammered Mongolian black chisel black basalt
Bush hammered
flamed Mongolian black basalt Natural split mongolian black granite
Natural Split


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